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Hans is introduced in episode 1 season 2 and voiced by Hiroki Tochi.

A sullen young footman in the employment of the Mölders household. His father was a wandering clockmaker who passed on his mechanical skills to his son. His taciturn behavior may be as a result of his regretting his father's rebellious nature, which eventually lead to a nomadic and impoverished lifestyle. The unstable lifestyle of his childhood leads him to appreciate the quiet security of his current profession. He respects Emma for her strong quiet spirit and grows protective of her when he notices her in her vulnerable moments.

In the anime he proposes to Emma while they are on a date in a park. However this doesn't happen in the manga. In fact in the manga he finds her quite suspicious for a large bit of it, but this suspicion later fades.

In the manga it can be presumed that he and Adele have a connection