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Kelly Stownar was one of Emma's employers and William Jones' former governess.

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She married at the age of 18 to Doug, but lost her husband two years after their marriage due to illness, and did not have any children.

Young and educated, Kelly decided to become a governess, and tutored William and his siblings with an iron fist. Right before retiring, she met Emma, and took her in as her maid.

Kelly was the one who taught Emma to do household chores, read, and write. It was also Kelly who acted as a 'bridge' between Emma and William, although she realized that the relationship between Emma and William would never work out smoothly.

She had an accident on the stairwell leaving her stuck in bed. She passed away in her bed, but was still there for Emma.

She often had Al over to fix up the house.

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Kelly was married to Doug for two years before he passed away.

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