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Mrs. Kelly Stownar was Emma's first employer and William Jones' former governess.


Kelly in her youth was a lean woman with fair skin and blonde hair. She is fairly lean and tall her 50s. Her grey-blonde hair complements her grey eyes. She's usually seen wearing a full-sleeved Victorian gown at home. She loans one of her old dresses and necklace to Emma for her date with William.


In her youth, Kelly was a stoic and devoted wife. She fell in love with Doug, whom she admired and later married. Their financial condition was precarious, so Kelly would often sacrifice her meals in order to save up money.

Kelly valued Doug's passion for visiting The Crystal Palace, for which she secretly saved up two Shillings by sacrificing her dinners. Her most prized possession was a thimble they purchased at The Crystal Palace exhibition. She loved Doug intensely, wistfully reminiscing about him every night.

She was a strict and intense Governess to William Jones whom she would occasionally punish and educate sternly. William would still get shivers in his teacher's presence ten years later.

Kelly rescued Emma from poverty and was a patient and generous mistress to her. One night when her guests didn't come over for dinner, she offered Emma a table and asked her to accompany her for the luxurious dinner. She cared for Emma all her life, with an air of anxiety regarding the maid's future with her lover.



She married Doug Stownar at the age of 18, but lost her husband two years after their marriage due to illness. She did not have any children.

Young and educated, Kelly decided to become a governess, and tutored William and his siblings with an iron fist. Right before retiring, she met Emma, and took her in as her maid.

Kelly was the one who taught Emma to do household chores, read, and write. It was also Kelly who acted as a 'bridge' between Emma and William, although she realized that the relationship between Emma and William would never work out smoothly.

She had an accident on the stairwell leaving her stuck in bed. The life expectancy in Victorian England would rarely cross 50, due to the lack of medical advancements. Her health deteriorated gradually and she passed away in her bed, caring for Emma till the end.

She often had Al over to fix up the house. Their banter would often resemble a sibling rivalry.


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Doug Stownar[]

Kelly met Doug and married him when she was 18. They were a frugal yet loving couple who would often have to sacrifice on food and luxuries to afford living expenses. After much struggle and patience, they saved up enough to afford tickets to The Crystal Palace. As a memento of their love, they purchased a thimble. Kelly would treasure that thimble for the rest of her life, almost losing it had Emma not found it for her. She was a loving and devoted wife. Working hard and saving up in Doug's absence. She educated herself, being employed as a Governess later in life.

They were married for two years before Doug passed away.


Kelly met Emma when she was a child on the streets. Reflecting on her upcoming retired life, she took Emma in as a live-in maid.

Under her mentorship, Emma learnt how to read, write and conduct herself with proper etiquette. Kelly was the first person to notice Emma's poor vision and lent her a pair of oval-shaped black eyeglasses. A possession that Emma still wears and treasures.

She looked after Emma and supported her relationship with William, rightfully having fears about the difficulties the unconventional couple would inevitably face.

William Jones[]

Kelly is William's former Governess. She taught him and his siblings with an iron fist, occasionally punishing him and instilled in William an attitude of obedience and respect. He fears Kelly to this day, getting shivers in her presence. She approved of Emma and WIlliam's relationship albeit with fears of the various obstacles that stood in the way of their love. She seemed to care for William despite her stern demeanor, keeping a photo of the boy in his youth on her fireplace.



  • Kelly's visit to the Crystal Palace's exhibits were grouped into four main categories—Raw Materials, Machinery, Manufacturers and Fine Arts. The exhibits ranged from the Koh-i-Noor diamond, Sevres porcelain and music organs to a massive hydraulic press and a fire-engine. There was also a 27-foot tall Crystal Fountain which captivated her and remained a lifelong memory.