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Nanette is a lady's maid.

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She is rude towards Emma, telling her she is nothing special even though the lady favors her.

Emma later overhears her behind some laundry with Randy, an officer of the gentry (or perhaps nobility) who she is giving a fan, later revealed to be stolen.

After Hans happens upon Randy giving the fan to Randy's girlfriend in town, he retrieves it, while discovering who took it.

Meanwhile at the house, Nanette had implicated Emma for the crime, but is exonerated on Hans' return. Emma is still reprimanded by Wieck for not reporting the crime, however.

Nanette is fired, and tries to commit suicide by poison, but Emma knocks it out of her hand, saving her, even though Nanette tried to frame her. Begging forgiveness on her behalf, Emma manages to secure Nanette a job, though she would be demoted from her previous high position as lady's maid for the theft.

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