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Richard Jones is a wealthy merchant and William Jones' father.

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He opposes William and Emma's relationship. Mostly because of his own trouble as an upstart and how hard he's worked to get his family where they are now. In the manga he doesn't approve of Emma and doesn't consent to William's relationship with a mere maid.

Also in the manga he becomes disappointed and angry when Will breaks off the engagement since he was hoping to further cement their status in society by William marrying Eleanor, and possibly becoming Viscount Campbell's heir to his title since he has no sons.

In the middle of the volume, after William breaks off the engagement, he and William argue about the consequences of his actions. William mentions that because Richard was so concerned with status that he was basically kissing the butts of the people who disparaged him when he was an upstart. Richard also tells Aurelia that he regrets marrying her and he doesn't.

One reason he most likely regrets it is because of the pressure of being the proper wife a an upper class man made her ill. He also doesn't regret it because he loves her.

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