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Viscount Campbell is the husband of Lady Campbell and Eleanor's father.

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As a member of the nobility he is hesitant to allow his daughter to be courted by mere gentry like William Jones, but his family would benefit for financial reasons.

Viscount Campbell is also the closest thing to an antagonist in both the anime and manga. Also in Vol. 7, chapter 50, Viscount Campbell shows his true nature and that he was the one behind Emma being captured and shipped to America. He also belittles William and goes so far to say that he and other members of the nobility are his betters.

After William retorts back about having any connection with people like the Viscount being degrading he official cuts ties with him. This is the final straw for the Viscount and he also cuts ties with the Jones say, 'Not even the lowest servant of the Jones House will darken his door.'

He also calls Eleanor pathetic, sends her away to the health resort, and kicks Monica and her husband out of his house.

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