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William Jones (ウィリアム・ジョーンズ Wiriamu Jōnzu?) is the secondary protagonist of Emma. He is the eldest son of Richard and Aurelia Jones.


William is a young Caucasian male with pale green eyes and light blonde hair. Like his father, he has thick eyebrows and is of an average height and build.

He often wears luxury Victorian suits that are very much reflective of his family's social stature, which he usually pairs with top-hats, leather gloves, canes, ascots or ties, and occasionally trench coats (when it is especially cold outside).

For elite social gatherings, such as his and Eleanor's engagement party or galas that his family is invited to attend, William usually dons tuxedos with lavish trimmings such as coattails and boutonnieres.


William used to be a shy and awkward child, fearing Kelly's stern demeanor, but he was always respectful. He retained his awkwardness in his adolescence, with a kindness and open-mindedness rare for a member of the gentry. He fell in love with Emma at first sight, not holding any reservations against her position in society. He is portrayed to be a kind and caring man, being respectful towards Emma's friends and his family despite their disapproval of his relationship with the maid.

After Emma leaves for her hometown, he matures into the heir his father had envisaged, maintaining an air of dignity and propriety. It is later revealed that his adherence to decorum was ultimately a facade, a futile attempt to forget the memories of Emma by immersing himself in wealth and responsibility. In this inner struggle of freedom and duty, he meets the young and charming Eleanor Campbell, who falls in love with William.

After becoming the heir of the Jones household, he further cements his position in society by proposing to Eleanor. Torn by regret and heartbreak, he visits the Campbells' household with a request to annul the marriage after he reunites with Emma. William is a loving and patient brother to Grace, Arthur, Vivi and Colin. He tries his best to fulfill his duties as the head of the household while holding on to his personal ambitions and desires.

Hakim and William share a close friendship despite their occasional banter.



As Richard Jones' heir, William is under tremendous pressure to not only take over the family business but also marry a girl from another wealthy family, furthering the legacy of the Jones household. He develops feelings for Emma after their first meeting and he often intercepts her coming from Covent Garden on Regent Street. Unlike the anime, in the manga, William had informed his father of his love for Emma, but Richard refused to meet Emma.

After Emma's departure, William changed drastically as he began to assume the responsibilities of heir, attending social meetings and managing the family business. In his heart, he never stopped loving Emma and regretting her absence, but he would continue life in the 'upper class' as his father expected him to. His change in attitude affected everyone around him, including his family and Hakim Atawari.

Under the order of Dorothea Mölders, Emma had to accompany "Mrs Trollope"(who was actually William's mother) as her lady's maid to the engagement party of William and Eleanor. William and Emma run into each other unexpectedly, after a long time. After meeting Emma in her room, the couple renews their hope of a future together. After the party, William is torn between his true love and his engagement to Eleanor, ultimately choosing to end the engagement.

Despite the struggles the couple faced together, they married in the end (which now makes Emma Mrs. Emma Jones).


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Grace Jones - Younger Sister

Arthur Jones - Younger Brother

Vivian Jones - Youngest Sister

Colin Jones - Youngest Brother

Aurelia Jones - Mother

Richard Jones - Father

Love Interests[]


William met Emma for the first time when he visited his former Goveness Kelly Stownar and the couple fell in love at first sight. He would anxiously wait for Emma whenever she went on an errand for Kelly, buying her a lace handkerchief which she kept safely in her box. Due to the stern opposition of Richard to their love affair, Emma left London without getting a chance to say goodbye. William and Emma reunited and reignited their love at his engagement party with Eleanor Campbell. They exchanged letters when Emma was employed at the Molders household, sending each other a lock of their hair as a token of their reunited love. William loves Emma for her unassuming and modest character which conceals a lot of love and pain beneath.

Eleanor Campbell[]

Eleanor is William's arranged fiance.

In Episode 7 of Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma: Molders-Hen (Second Act), he goes to the Campbell residence and he demands to annul the engagement that his whole family (except for Grace Jones and Colin Jones) started to resent him for it.



  • The name William means "Resolute protector; will" in English.
  • William's surname Jones means "John's son" in English and Welsh.


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